A Concert in Tribute to African American Composers
Sunday, January 24, 2010, 3:00 pm
Eastside College Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

Yolanda Rhodes, soprano
Josephine Gandolfi, pianist
LaDoris Cordell, Deanne Tucker, pianists/vocalists
Susan C. Brown, violinist
Victoria Ehrlich, cellist
featuring compositions by
Leslie Adams
Margaret Bonds
Charles Brown
Valerie Capers
Billie Holiday
Betty Jackson King
Undine Smith Moore
Florence B. Price
Howard Swanson
William Grant Still
I. Four Songs of Tribute
Billie’s Song (lyrics by LaDoris Cordell) by Valerie Capers
dedicated to Billie Holliday
God Bless the Child words and music by Billy Holiday and
Arthur Herzog
A Song Without Words by Charles Brown
dedicated to Blind Willie Johnson, blues singer and slide guitarist
A Death Song (Lullaby) (Paul Lawrence Dunbar) Howard Swanson
dedicated to Lawrence Winters
Yolanda Rhodes, soprano
with LaDoris Cordell, Josephine Gandolfi,
and Deanne Tucker, piano
II. Instrumental Music by William Grant Still
Kaintuck’, for piano and orchestra by William Grant Still
(orchestral reduction for piano II by Verna Arvey, wife of and frequent collaborator as pianist and poet with W. G. Still)
LaDoris Cordell, soloist, and Josephine Gandolfi, piano II

Three Miniatures by William Grant Still
for violin, cello and piano
  1. Ride an Old Paint (Cowboy song)
  2. Yaravi (Peruvian lament)
Picasso Ensemble: Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich,
and Josephine Gandolfi
III. Two Spirituals
Watch and Pray by Undine Smith Moore
It’s Me O Lord (with instrumental trio) by Betty Jackson King
Yolanda Rhodes, La Doris Cordell, and Picasso Ensemble
IV. Solo Piano Music by Still
Out of the Silence (from Seven Traceries) by William Grant Still
Dark Horseman (from Three Visions)
Deanne Tucker
V. Three Artsongs
My Dream (Langston Hughes) by Florence B. Price
For You There Is No Song (Edna St. Vincent Millay) by Leslie Adams
In the Springtime (Shakespeare) by Betty Jackson King
Yolanda Rhodes, Josephine Gandolfi, and Deanne Tucker
VI. Spirituals and Piano Music based on Spirituals
Come Down Angels by Undine Smith Moore
Lord, I Just Can’t Keep from Cryin’ by Margaret Bonds
Troubled Water, for piano duet by Margaret Bonds
Yolanda Rhodes, Deanne Tucker,
Josephine Gandolfi, and LaDoris Cordell