A Musical Sojourn: Two Hundred Years of Music by African American Women and Men

Sunday, January 29, 2012, 3:00 pm

Eastside College Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

The Eastside Preparatory School Choir
David Chaidez, director and Jansen Verplank, keyboard

Yolanda Rhodes, soprano
LaDoris Cordell and Deanne Tucker, vocalists/pianists
Josephine Gandolfi, pianist
Susan C. Brown, violinist
Victoria Ehrlich, cellist
Carol Somersille, clarinetist

featuring compositions by

Margaret Bonds
Valerie Capers
Betty Jackson King
Joshua McGhee
Zenobia Powell Perry
Florence B. Price
William Grant Still

I. Brotherhood Begins With You and Me, from "In Praise of Freedom" by Valerie Capers
Eastside Preparatory School Choir, David Chaidez, Director
with Jansen Verplank, keyboard, Yolanda Rhodes, Deanne Tucker, and LaDoris Cordell, back-up vocals
II. Portraits in Jazz: Musical Tributes by Valerie Capers
(adapted from the original piano solos)
1. "Billie's Song" (Billie Holliday) - words by LaDoris Cordell
Valerie Capers, piano, and LaDoris Cordell, vocals
2. "Blues for 'The Duke' " (Duke Ellington)
Valerie Capers, piano, John Robinson III, bass, LaDoris Cordell, Yolanda Rhodes, and Deanne Tucker, vocals
III. Spiritual: "Way By an' By," arranged by Betty Jackson King
Yolanda Rhodes, soprano, Deanne Tucker, piano
Spiritual: "I've been buked and I've been scorned"
Homage to William Levi Dawson by Zenobia Powell Perry
Yolanda Rhodes, soprano, LaDoris Cordell, piano

IV. Spiritual: "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
Variations on an African American Spiritual by Joshua McGhee
1. Prelude (cello and piano)
2. Nocturne (violin and piano)
3. Ballad (cello and piano)
4. Spiritual Piece (folk song) (violin, cello and piano)
Yolanda Rhode and Picasso Ensemble: Susan C. Brown,
Victoria Ehrlich, and Josephine Gandolfi

V. Song of the Seasons – music and texts by Valerie Capers
1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Autumn
4. Winter
Yolanda Rhodes, soprano, Victoria Ehrlich, cello, Josephine Gandolfi, LaDoris Cordell, and Deanne Tucker, pianists


VI. from Four Seasonal Sketches by Betty Jackson King
1 "Summer Interlude"
2. "Autumn Dance"
Deanne Tucker, piano
VII. Chamber Music by William Grant Still
1. Folk Suite No. 4 (quartet)
1. El Monigote (Venezuela)
2. Anda Buscando de Rosa de Rosa (Mexico)
3. Tayêras (Brazil)
2. Jesus is a Rock in a Weary Land (trio) from "Miniatures"
Picasso Ensemble with Carol Somersille, clarinet

VIII. Spiritual: "Sinner Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass"
Fantasie Negre by Florence Price (dedicated to Margaret Bonds)
Yolanda Rhodes, soprano
LaDoris Cordell and Josephine Gandolfi, piano, four-hands

IX. Spiritual: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," arranged by Margaret Bonds
LaDoris Cordell, Yolanda Rhodes, and Josephine Gandolfi