2017 Program Let the Knowing Speak

 2017 Program: Let the Knowing Speak

 January 28 and 29, 2017 3pm

Eastside College Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

 Featuring music by:                                          Performers:

Margaret Bonds                                                          Pianist: Josephine Gandolfi (Picasso Ensemble), Valerie Capers

Dr. Valerie Capers                                                      Soprano: Yolanda Rhodes

John Birks Dizzy” Gillespie                                      Tenor: Othello Jefferson

Jacqueline Butler Hairston                                      Vocalist/Pianist: LaDoris Cordell, Deanne Tucker

Joshua McGhee                                                          Violinist: Susan C. Brown (Picasso Ensemble)

Zenobia Powell Perry                                                Cellist: Victoria Ehrlich (Picasso Ensemble)

Florence B. Price                                                        Bassist: John H. Robinson III

John Robinson III                                                     Percussion: Jim Kassis

Robert Henry “Bobby” Timmons                           Trombone: John Monroe

Dolores White                                                            Trumpet: John Worley                                         

                                                                                      Clarinetist: Carol A. Somersille

                                                                                      Saxophone: Oscar Pangilinan

                                                                                      Bassoon: Douglas Brown

                                                                                      Flute: Stephanie McNab

                                                                                      Dancers: Modern Dancers of Eastside College

                                                                                         Preparatory School, Morgan Mallory, Director


Full concert video

Opening Scene from Tawawa House      Zenobia Powell Perry

1. Juba and Dance in the Moonlight

Modern Dancers of Eastside College Preparatory School,

choreography by the students, with the assistance of Morgan Mallory

Jim Kassis and Deanne Tucker, Conga Drums

2. “Let the Knowing Speak” (excerpt)

Yolanda Rhodes, LaDoris Cordell, Deanne Tucker, and Othello Jefferson


Four Arias based on Spirituals from Tawawa House

Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd

I Want Two Wings

Sinner Man So Hard, Believe!

I Gotta Move When the Spirit Say Move

Yolanda Rhodes and Othello Jefferson, soloists

LaDoris Cordell and Deanne Tucker, descant

Josephine Gandolfi and LaDoris Cordell, pianists


Troubled Water, for cello and piano            Margaret Bonds

Excerpt from Wade in the Water (Spiritual) sung by Yolanda Rhodes

(piano part adapted for duet by Josephine Gandolfi)

Victoria Ehrlich, LaDoris Cordell and Josephine Gandolfi


Solo piano music       Zenobia Powell Perry  

A Jazz Trifle  


Orchestral Music from Tawawa House, adapted for duet by J.G


Jumping Over the Broom

Deanne Tucker and Josephine Gandolfi, piano


My Dream (poem by Langston Hughes)    Florence Price

Yolanda Rhodes and Josephine Gandolfi


Introduction to Tapestry by Valerie Capers

Tapestry (2016)       Valerie Capers

(Inspired by the Jazz Poetry of Langston Hughes)


 II: “SALON” (A la Ragtime)


 IV: “SERMONETTE” (Preacher Man)




Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich, Stephanie McNab,

Carol Somersille, Oscar Pangilinan, Douglas Brown, John Monroe, John Worley, Valerie Capers, Josephine Gandolfi, John Robinson, Jim Kassis  




Moanin’               Bobby Timmons

Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis


Introduction to Disco-cioso by John Robinson

Disco-cioso (2016) (for Picasso Ensemble)   John Robinson, Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich, and Josephine Gandolfi


Night in Tunisia      Dizzy Gillespie

Oscar Pangilinan, John Worley, John Monroe,  

Valerie Capers, Jim Kassis, John Robinson


Guide My Feet (Spiritual)          Jacqueline Hairston

Yolanda Rhodes and Josephine Gandolfi


Let God Bring Tomorrow (2016)   Joshua McGhee

Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich, Stephanie McNab,

Douglas Brown, Josephine Gandolfi


Give Birth to the Dream       Dolores White  

Text from the poem “On the Pulse of Morning” by Maya Angelou

Yolanda Rhodes, Othello Jefferson,  

LaDoris Cordell, and Jim Kassis, orchestral chimes


We Shall Overcome