2019 Program – Where Freedom Rings

January 26 and 27, 2019 at Eastside College Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

Featuring music by: Regina Harris Baiocchi,  Dr. Valerie Capers, Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, Jacqueline Hairston, Joshua McGhee, Sean Okpebholo, Zenobia Powell Perry, John Robinson III, Robert Henry, William Grant Still, and Bill Withers.                            


Pianist: Josephine Gandolfi (Picasso Ensemble), Valerie Capers
Soprano: Yolanda Rhodes
Tenor: Othello Jefferson
Vocalist/Pianist: LaDoris Cordell, Deanne Tucker
Violinist: Susan C. Brown (Picasso Ensemble)
Cellist: Victoria Ehrlich (Picasso Ensemble)
Bassist: John H. Robinson III
Percussion: Jim Kassis
Trombone: John Monroe
Trumpet: John Worley
Clarinetist: Carol A. Somersille
Saxophone: Oscar Pangilinan
Bassoon: Rufus Olivier
Flute: Stephanie McNab
Eastside Choir:  Jansen Verplank, Director & Pianist, Weber Alvarez, bass

Click here for Complete concert video and narration or listen to individual pieces – click on titles below.

Fanfare for an Uncommon Woman(2015) by John H. Robinson III, performed by John Worley, John Monroe, Jodi Gandolfi, John Robinson, Jim Kassis

Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, performed by Eastside College Preparatory School Choir Jansen Verplank, Director, Heber Alvarez, John Worley, Oscar Pangilinan, Rufus Olivier, Jim Kassis

Jubilation(2018) Music and text by Valerie Capers Fanfare -Spirit of the Diaspora -Celebration Blues in F -Cavalcade -Celebration performed by the Company

Duet from the opera A Bayou Legend by William Grant Still, text by Verna Arvey “Calm as the Waters of the Bayou” performed by Yolanda Rhodes and Othello Jefferson, Jodi Gandolfi

from A Deserted Plantation by William Grant Still (arranged from piano solo for duet by Jodi Gandolfi)

1. “Spiritual(based on “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me,”) performed by Othello Jefferson

2. “Dance” performed by La Doris Cordell and Jodi Gandolfi

Caravan” by Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, performed by Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis

Two Spirituals, arranged by Sean Okpebholo

O Freedom”  and A Balm in Gilead” performed by Othello Jefferson, Stephanie McNab, Jodi Gandolfi

An American Anthem: A Tribute to African American Heroes(2018) by Joshua McGhee, performed by the Picasso Ensemble, Jim Kassis

Three Spirituals!

This Little Light of Mine” arr. by Jacqueline Hairston, performed by Yolanda Rhodes, Deanne Tucker

De Angels Done Bowed Down” arr. by Zenobia Powell Perry, performed by Yolanda Rhodes, LaDoris Cordell

You Can Tell the World” arr. Margaret Bonds, performed by Yolanda Rhodes, Deanne Tucker

Three Compositions for Piano Solo:

Prelude” George Walker, performed by Deanne Tucker

Azuretta” Regina Harris Baiocchi, performed by Deanne Tucker

Flight” Zenobia Powell Perry, performed by Deanne Tucker

The Reveille Rhapsody(2018) John H. Robinson III, performed by the Picasso Ensemble

Don’t Mean A Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing” by “Duke” Ellington, performed by John Worley, John Monroe, Carol Somersille, Oscar Pangilinan, Rufus Olivier, Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis

The Gift of Song(1986, revised 2017) by Valerie Capers (text by Paul Laurence Dunbar, additional text by Valerie Capers) performed by the Company