2018 Program: Out of the Blues — The Gift of Song

January 27 and 28, 2018 3pm

Eastside College Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

 Featuring music by:                                          


Pianist: Josephine Gandolfi (Picasso Ensemble), Valerie Capers
Soprano: Yolanda Rhodes, Roxanna Wright
Tenor: Othello Jefferson
Vocalist/Pianist: LaDoris Cordell, Deanne Tucker
Violinist: Susan C. Brown (Picasso Ensemble)
Cellist: Victoria Ehrlich (Picasso Ensemble)
Bassist: John H. Robinson III
Percussion: Jim Kassis
Trombone: John Monroe
Trumpet: John Worley
Clarinetist: Carol A. Somersille
Saxophone: Oscar Pangilinan
Bassoon: Douglas Brown
Flute: Stephanie McNab
Eastside Choir:  Jansen Verplank, Director

Regina Baiocchi
Charles Brown
Harry Burleigh
Dr. Valerie Capers
Roland Hayes
Hall Johnson
Charles Lloyd, Jr.
Thelonious Monk
Andre Myers
Florence B. Price
John Robinson III
William Grant Still
Billy Strayhorn
Robert Henry “Bobby” Timmons
Richard Wagner
John Worley
Roxanna Wright


Click here for Complete concert video and narration or listen to individual pieces – click on titles below.

I. “Winds of Change                John Worley

Dedicated to Barack Obama,  44th President of the United States of America

John Worley, trumpet

II: Out of the Blues

Song Without Words  Charles Brown

Compensation” (Paul Laurence Dunbar)    Charles Lloyd, Jr.

Harlem Night Song” (Langston Hughes)     Andre Myers

We Have Tomorrow” (Langston Hughes)   Florence Price

Yolanda Rhodes, soprano

Josephine Gandolfi, LaDoris Cordell, and Deanne Tucker, piano

III. Spirituals

Lit’l Boy        arr. Roland Hayes

You Mus’ Come in By an’ Thro’ the Lamb                      arr. Hayes

Leanin’on dat Lamb          arr. Hall Johnson

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel        arr. Harry Burleigh

Othello Jefferson, tenor

LaDoris Cordell and Josephine Gandolfi, piano

IV. Comfort for Our Children

Mother and Child      William Grant Still

      (arr. for trio from violin/piano duo by Gandolfi)

Picasso Ensemble:

Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich, and Josephine Gandolfi

Two lullabies:

Farmchild’s Lullaby” (Paul Laurence Dunbar)   Valerie Capers

Othello Jefferson, tenor, Josephine Gandolfi, piano

Shadows  Regina Harris Baiocchi

Yolanda Rhodes, soprano, Douglas Brown, bassoon,

Josephine Gandolfi, piano, Jim Kassis, percussion

V. The Innocence Project

Legends” (John Henry)  Regina Harris Baiocchi

Othello Jefferson, tenor

Jim Kassis and Deanne Tucker, conga and brake drums

Hold Out for Joy” (inspired by Psalm 30:5) Regina Harris Baiocchi

LaDoris Cordell, vocalist, Victoria Ehrlich, cello,

Josephine Gandolfi, piano

I’m Thinking of a Butterfly            Roxanna Wright

Roxanna Wright, soprano, Oscar Pangilinan, alto saxophone

Vocal back-up: LaDoris Cordell, Yolanda Rhodes, Deanne Tucker,

Jansen Verplank, piano, John Worley, trumpet,

John Robinson, bass, Jim Kassis, percussion

VI. Presenting the Eastside Choir, Jansen Verplank, Director

Two Thousand Twenty            Roxanna Wright

Jansen Verplank, piano, Heber Alvarez, bass, Raymond Ruiz, rapper

John Worley, trumpet, Jim Kassis, percussion


VII. A New John Robinson Trio

The Secret Life of Mannequins” (2017)                  John H. Robinson III

Picasso Ensemble:

Susan C. Brown, Victoria Ehrlich, and Josephine Gandolfi

VIII. Valerie Capers and Richard Wagner

Winter’s Love      Richard Wagner/arr. Valerie Capers

Stephanie McNab, flute,

Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis

Wagner Takes the ‘A’ Train            Billy Strayhorn/Richard Wagner         arr. Valerie Capers

Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis, Susan C. Brown,

Victoria Ehrlich, Stephanie McNab, Carol Somersille, Doug Brown,

Oscar Pangilinan, John Worley, John Monroe

IX. A Jazz Classic

Round Midnight          Thelonious Monk

Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Jim Kassis

X. Company Finale 

The Gift of Song” (1986, revised 2017)   Valerie Capers

      (text by Paul Laurence Dunbar, additional text by Valerie Capers)